Hi, I'm Morgane Choiset

and this is my portfolio !

Vigée Le Brun 2.0

2023 - today

In 2023, I set myself the goal of understanding how ChatBots and image-generating AIs work.
In February, I began training in prompt engineering.
The result is this project: inspired by the works of 18th-century artist Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun, I've recreated works she might have painted in her own time, thanks to two AIs, Leonardo AI & Imagine AI.



Creation of the logo, graphic charter and development - using Wordpress - of the web & mobile website.
Site under development...

Twitch Affiliate

2020 to 2022

Following the first confinement I started a semi-professional activity on the Twitch platform, I was able to reach the rank of Affiliate, with just over 300 followers and 100 subscribers.
I developed my skills in video editing, live content presentation, as well as scene creation and design content for Twitch channels.


2018 to 2020

In 2018, I made the decision to create my own business creating accessories in upcycled fabrics, I used all my skills, acquired in my professional as well as personal experiences to bring this project to reality.
Today, I've given up the craft business to focus on other digital projects, but I've kept the name... 💚



Complete overhaul of the web and mobile graphics charter for Naxicap.



Web graphic design - front and back office -
for monBuilding (now Witco).


2013 to 2016

For three years, I worked as an ergonomic graphic designer,
then as a UX/UI designer for Leboncoin.fr .
During this period, we overhauled the site's graphic charter,
both on the web and on mobile.
I was in charge of the Android redesign.